Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zombie Queen of Hearts

My Zombie Queen of Hearts look...

First I took my liquid latex and placed it where I wanted it to look like my skin was being peeled away. Then I placed tissue paper over the glue. I layered it about 5 times, applying it thicker on the inside of the "wound."

Then I covered my eyebrows with my glue stick. Once the glue dried I applid my MAC studio finish concealer.

After the latex dried I took my foundation and applied it to the tissue paper and and blended it into my skin. On the inside (the side that is supposed to look peeled away) I applied a darker foundation.

Next I took red face paint and applied it to my "zombie eye" I used a dark purple and a black from the 88 palette and added some depth to the red.

To discolor the skin I blended red, purple, black, and green. I used face paint and colors from the 88 palette. I did this to make my Zombie skin to look rotten and decayed.

For the teeth on my cheek I used white and black face paint.

For my Queen Of Hearts eye I mixed my foundation with white paint. I then applied it to my face, well inside the "wound."  Next I applied MAC Painterly Paint Pot onto my lid. Then I applied Sugarpill Tako onto my eye lid. Using Smashbox gel liner I created a cut crease. I used Urban Decays Black dog and blended it upward. I added Sugarpill's Afterparty above the black dog. For a highlight I used Sugarpill Tako. For the eyebrow I used Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner.

For the blush I used Sugarpill's eyeshadow in Love +. To create the beauty mark I used the Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner. Then I applied false lashes to the top and bottom of my lids.

For the heart I used the same process for the other wounds.

After I finished all of my blending I applied the fake blood & I got this! =)

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  1. Lovely job. u love this u rocked iy, im a new follower of urs i hope u can follow back